The love supreme

The love supreme



When I think of stamping of layouts..... my mind always goes to black ink.
I love that crisp black / white contrast. Then I spotted a layout by Jot Girl Sheree... with yellow stamping....and I couldn't get it out of my mind. It looked fabulous.

So armed with some newly purchased yellow ink and my beautiful set of  'Top Shop Alpha' and 'Currently'  clear stamps from Kellie Stamps I whipped together this layout very quickly... and Yep!  I really am in love with that yellow ink.

This layout was created for the July August Jot Magazine Mood board which is now closed.


Little Moments...

I am the first to admit...I'm a terrible photographer. Truly for the amount of photos I take a week.... which is ridiculously high I should have skills.... but nope...I'm still classified amateur.
My theory is a bit like the 'tying knots' theory..... if you cant tie them well....tie lots...haha

What I absolutely love though... is that occasionally I capture a moment that doesn't need words.... its just a lucky shot...and I get a chance to 'high five' myself just for a minute...

One such photo is this one..... camping on the river at Easter.... Miss Chook sharing secrets with Aunty Briony.... I just love it.

This layout was created for the Jot Magazine Mood Board September 2017 which is now closed.



What better way to kick off some scrapbooking catch up ... than a brand new Jot Magazine Mood Board for inspiration....(especially when I was able to compile the board myself).
I have been so drawn to these earthy pastels of late....maybe its all that macrame cotton vibe.

We would love you to play along..... all the details are on the Jot Blog...


KIDS CRAFTING and a Layout..

The girls love a school holiday project..... and usually it involves some type of stitching.. (Sometimes I groan as they outline their ideas because they think BIG!...but I do try to let them evolve their own plans without too much interference from me.)
Last holidays they made these dolls from white cotton .. a variation of the Woolen Softies they made back in April. They were pretty chuffed with them.

..... anyway... while we were away I had grand plans of scrapbooking.....I had visions of pulling up near a beach and scrapping the day away. In reality that didn't happen.... we were busy....we walked... and filled our days with experiences...and some days I barely took a photo let alone scrapped one.

However on one night in Innisfail.... the mood struck...and our caravan park was average.... so I tucked myself inside and created a layout. 
 Lucky I carted all those scrapbooking supplies to the top of Queensland after-all!



I am pretty sure you will have heard all the talk about a brand new Jot Pockets  E-Mook?
If not.... its a brilliant resource.... a cross between an E-Book / Magazine... and packed with easy and inspiring ideas to help with your pocket pages.

When Kim asked if I would like to contribute some ideas and samples I was thrilled... I love the idea behind it... because lets be honest...sometimes when you have a moment to create its lovely to have some prompts.

You can visit the Jot Mag SHOP here....


Post holiday blues....and where to from here...

We are home....

Two months travelling in the 'Winenbago' over in a blink.. how can that be?

When we left home on July 15 it felt like it would never end.... I had visions of what life would be like on the road... I was sure it held all the answers. In a lot of ways it did....but like everything..there was a few downsides as well.

I loved living small.... that little home on wheels that we call 'The Winnie' or 'Winenbago'... was just perfect.. Id make the bed before I got out of it.... cooking was quick and easy... I could sweep the floor in 20 seconds... and even the limited choice of clothing was a blessing. 

I loved the freedom to move to a new spot.... most often we moved on each morning...if we really loved a spot....we could opt to stay on longer.

I loved exploring.... experiencing....and having a go at things...

I loved the healthy routine.... easy fresh food.... and lots of walking... 17000+ steps some days.

I loved that I never ...not once....opened my laptop...

I loved limited internet.... I didn't feel bad if I wasn't as 'present' online...

I loved keeping my days simple.... I read in the mornings... we walked.... I sometimes crafted.... we went to bed early...

But on the flipside....

I missed family terribly...

I realised that holidays like this on the road are great....idyllic... but it couldn't be a permanent solution for me....I love the familiarity of a home base... I love being close to my family and friends...

So now we are home.... (and this happens every single time we travel) ...I wonder...can I incorporate the things I loved while we were on the road... into my everyday ?

Can I downsize everything in this home more?

Can I prioritise walking...and trying new things....over the burden of all the commitments I currently stress over... like work....blogging... emails....etc?

I would love thoughts.....



Just popping in to share a couple of layouts I contributed to the current issue of Jot Magazine....
If you haven't already you can read the issue FREE (here) 

This first layout was for the 'Hello' gallery... I loved the repetition of the word 'hello' and as well as the very pale 'tone on tone' colour palette which is a little different for me...

I created this second layout for the story-telling gallery ...  about my favourite time of the day.

I loved how the Ali Edwards Project Life card made such an impact on my page... kicking off the story with such a big impact.