The love supreme

The love supreme


Memos, Mail and Me - New cotton rope and alpha stamps.

Its been a while since anything exciting arrived in the post... and its an understatement when I say I was keen for these couple to arrive. 
I checked the mail box every day and even enquired inside just in case they had forgotten to put a 'parcel card' in my box.

The first package to arrive was a string order from 'Middle Aisle' .. its gorgeous 100% cotton in three different plys... and it didn't take me long to start cutting it into lengths ready to knot.

My next order was an eagerly awaited clear stamp set from Kellie Stamps...called Top Shop.  it was a 'pre-order'...  so my anticipation for its arrival had had weeks to brew. 
I had been coveting this set for so long ... but being the amateur I am with stamping...I had held off purchasing until now... I began to get a feeling the universe was telling me kept popping up in my IG feed time and time again... taunting me... in the end I knew I  had to order. 

I couldn't wait to get the stamps out of their packaging and begin playing...  a little more practice with the amount of pressure needed and Ill be stamping like a pro. (at least I hope so)

The very best part of both these purchases was the dialogue that followed with both Kellie and Maggie May...its so lovely to be able to support 'real people' in small business... and spread some crafty love no matter where your crafty passion lies.

Its been awhile but I'm joining in again with Sian and the Memos. Mail and Me prompt this week.


Kids Crafting - Pet Rocks

Truly this was the easiest craft ever...
Rocks from the garden.... some acrylic paint...and a packet of mixed boggle eyes from Big W.

No instructions are needed and the possibilities are can have enough pet rocks hey!



I love a fresh month and a fresh mood board. This month Leanne has chosen a stunning autumn toned board ...and the little snippet that grabbed my eye was the reference to Amsterdam... which just happens to be among my most favourite places I've visited. 

  “I drew my inspiration from the stacked quote with all the varying fonts… and of course how fabulous to be able to record a photo from our visit to Amsterdam last year.”

I hope you can join us and play along.... check out all the inspiration and details at the Jot Blog..


Kids Crafting - Woollen softies

The girls always love spending a few nights here over the holidays to do some crafting...they also take really long baths with bubbles and have pancakes for breakfast.

This holidays Bells arrived with her bag... her green blanket and an idea she had been brewing for quite some time. She wanted to make animals using the sewing machine. Of course Chook was more than keen to join in... anything that involves designing by hand is right up her alley. That kids loves to draw.

They began by sketching their design on paper...once they were happy with how it looked we cut it out of woollen fabric and added the details. I suggested Chook may like to scale hers down slightly but she was adamant that hers was to be full size. I had a chuckle at her tiny skinny chicken legs...although I assured her they were just fine.
They were easily sewn together with the stitching on the outside and then stuffed with poly fibre stuffing. They turned out so sweet...and they were both very proud of their creativity.

...and a few more shots... of Bells with 'Molly' and Chook with 'Odie'..

Happy kids... happy holidays... all created from scraps around the house...

Other crafting ideas we have had fun with are...
Paper roll people
Our own portrait colouring pages
Applique cushions
Canvas art
Hand painted playmat
Animal heat beanies



My March Project Life...even though it was possibly one of my fullest months yet....I cant blog the full reveal... some of it I've saved for the Project Life gallery in the next Jot Magazine.

This month I had a lot of fun with a set of digital stamps from Kellie Stamps...I bought the Good Times stamp set... in digital formal. I did add some directly my photographs in Photoshop before printing...but where I really enjoyed using them was as a word / sentiment strip embellishment.
I created a cut apart printable in Photoshop and then cut and used them throughout my spreads.

Marvellous March....  it was a beauty...we had a family wedding... a Uni graduation and a weekend away as well as a  birthday to celebrate.


Jot Magazine Mood board - April 2017 - Today

I just couldn't resist another play with the Jot Magazine Mood Board... there is so much inspiration to draw from,,,, and my mind was whirring with possibilities.
I have been on a real stash busting mission of late....I've dragged out all of my old embellishments and colour sorted them into containers...this makes mood board scrapping so easy.  Lots of golden oldie products found their way onto this layout.

Here is the gorgeous mood board.... and the link (HERE) 


She graduated!

I don't tend to write a lot of personal posts these days.... but weddings and graduations are a whole different story.
We were incredibly proud to sit among crowd at the Adelaide Convention centre and watch our beautiful girl collect her parchment.
The speakers on the day were so inspiring... one in particular Menna Rawlings touched me with her words and I wish that I could have etched them permanently in my mind.

Four years of hard work... late nights...early mornings... ridiculous travel schedules..assignments...and "I'm over this" calls.. as well as her consistent high achievements... school placements that brought her life long friends and mentors...a study trip to Jakarta. 
In  those four years she moved away to the city...then back to the country which meant a  250 km commute each and every week...sometimes twice.. she juggled .. bought a home..and planned a wedding... then scored a full time contract for a year which she started the same week she got married. 
To say we are proud is an understatement.

All of this time she had this wonderful supportive man by her side... he encouraged her..loved her...and made sacrifices to suit her schedule... he travelled miles for visits... mopped up tears and spent many a night alone while she poured over her laptop working on one assignment or another. He also shared her joy when assignments were sent in and grades came back. All of this while achieving his own success and building a life wonderful life together.

So proud of you both.