The love supreme

The love supreme


Jot projects - issue 18 - stamping your journaling

This layout from the latest issue of  Jot Magazine... is one of my faves...
I'm not even entirely sure why but I think that cute photo its made from a collection of older products which is very satisfying.

The stamping adds that little bit of something too...


Macrame - its taken over my life...

Macrame ... macrame.... 
You 'snuck' (is that an actual word?) into my life....and now...not a day goes by when I'm not thinking about you....I'm hooked. 

But what do I do with so many pieces? My Eldest made the comment that I'm covering the house in 'webs'...and when I stand and look around..maybe he is right.

The trouble is that for a creative mind the possibilities are endless....  with just a few simple knots.... you can create the simplest of simple.... or the most intricate of designs. They can be long and slender.... short and fringy... full of details... soft and whimsical or angular and abstract.... and right at this moment I love them all.

I have been flooding my Instagram with photos of my progress...and new designs... probably driving everyone mad.
I hope to add more to my Etsy store Dudley and Grace  over time as well...oh and speaking of my Etsy store.... Im still devastated by the incident that incurred me two scathing feedback reviews. Even though it took me 2 years to get over the 'shame and disappointment' before feeling I could step back into the Etsy arena....I still have to read those two comments each and every time....because the 50+ positive comments apparently don't count when it comes to the Etsy algorithm. Live and learn.... keep it real... and so on.... trying to just let it go....


List love - sorting out whats important

Its so easy to be bombarded with ideas ...

five minutes on Instagram in the morning and my mind is off on a tangent...a new product to try...a wardrobe addition I really need....a new recipe to cook...a craft pursuit I need to investigate...and my head is in a whirl and I'm not even out of bed.

Its no way to live life.... its ridiculous.

I'm after a simple life... I yearn for it.. and yet I am so easily enticed... so my 'List Love' today is dedicated to some of those things I feel are REALLY important...and a few of those  things I need to 'let go'.

The important things...

+ Simple real food ...

+ Minimal wardrobe - with a bias toward  pre-loved .. or handmade

+ a move toward a minimal home...

+ Travel... long..short..

+ Family time 

+ Memory keeping ... I was a slow burn but I am loving Project Life.. its here to stay.

+ Macrame.. my meditation time.

+ Exercise..

+ Reading

The un-important things..

+ Superfoods... calorie counting... or any other food related fad that plants any seed of doubt about how I should eat. With multiple food sensitivities Id prefer to JERF (just eat real food) that I know my body doesn't react to. I have wasted far too much time and money trying to eat the 'perfect diet' and then having to settle down a skin flair of GI upset. I have (at least for the time being) had enough

+ Knick knacks..

+ My vegetable garden.... lets face it...I'm not great at it.. as much as it pains me to say. (Herbs on the other hand...I've got them sorted.)

+ New clothes just because a catalogue or favourite store has a sale or a promotion - Ive had a recent cull / sort and realised I have too much!  There is just too much that I bought because I thought it would be handy.... or it was a good price... or it looked good on someone else... I would love to set myself a 'clothing no-buy period' maybe I will.

+ Too much social media time
Thats where I'm at.... working toward this every single day.



 Feel like a new challenge?
This new mood board put together by Jot girl Lauren is full of gorgeous gold tones....and I thoroughly enjoyed playing along

I took my inspiration from the marble phone cover... and all the love gold elements.... not only is gold bang on trend... but my Heidi Swapp Minc made it a breeze.

Check out the details and all the other inspiration on the JOT BLOG.



March was one of my biggest Project Life months this year.... and although I shared a few spreads in                              THIS BLOG POST..  a couple of my favourites I held back because they were included in the new
JOT MAGAZINE ISSUE 18 - Project life gallery.

It was my first time for contributing to the Project Life gallery....and I hope to do it again.
Ive listed all my 'go-tos' at the bottom of this post.

My go-to products are pretty much always the same...
Becky Higgins Project Life App.... where I print out cards and my journalling
Collect App - upgraded version
Ali Edwards Project Life card set
Wilna Furstenberg bear themes month card
Kellie Stamps digital set
Kasiercraft album and inserts 6x8
Little tags and embellishments from my stash...
machine stitching with uncut threads
lots of flaps for additional stories and photos..



Theres been a little bit of happy dancing at our home... because we made the cover of the very latest 
                      JOT magazine

The best bit was....  the kids were here when it launched and we were able to browse it together....Miss eight was really excited...Mr four pretty much couldn't care less...and Miss seven was a little sad she wasn't on the cover too.... but cheered up considerably when she realised she made an appearance inside.

I say it every time.... but honestly its a gorgeous issue... with some of my most favourite galleries yet..  and the best bit is its FREE!  

I know you will have read it already...but if you havent....check it out HERE


Currently #13

Thankful for -  a recent visit from Mum and Dad... even though I feel guilty that poor Mum spent every afternoon in the kitchen ...can't beat Mums cooking.

Reading - "first we make the beast beautiful' by Sarah Wilson  - love that it has side columns for notes.

Watching - Finished Narcos .. now almost finished 'Better call Saul'... what next?

Inspired by - Sandra at Pretty Paper things... just so pretty..sigh

Making - Macrame..e.v.e.r.y   s.i.n.g.l.e   d.a.y. 

Paper crafting -  Project Life... an Easter Mini book....and a little sneaky project.

Focused on -  just getting the washing done..

Hoping to - make some darn photo-books that have been on my to-do list since February.

Learning - To trust... have faith and take chances.

Wearing - black pants and a new top... about to head out to dinner for our 30th wedding anniversary.

Drinking -  Wine..white.

Wishfully wanting -  Warm weather and the book "The art of the natural home' by Rebecca Sullivan

Planning- Holidays... two months of Motorhome travel...only months away now.